Ilkley Travel Hub | E-bike Loan Scheme

New funding to boost cycling and walking across Ilkley and Otley

Great news for residents of Ilkley!
The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has allocated over £640,000 in funding to enhance cycling and walking in our town. This investment will pave the way for exciting projects led by Climate Action Ilkley and Otley Town Council, aimed at making active transportation more accessible and enjoyable for all. Let’s delve into the details and explore the positive impact these initiatives will have on our community.

Enhancing Active Travel Hubs
Thanks to the funding, Climate Action Ilkley and Otley Town Council will establish community walking and cycling hubs. These hubs will serve as convenient one-stop destinations, providing advice, support, equipment, and training for walking and cycling enthusiasts. With the assistance of an Active Travel Coordinator, Climate Action Ilkley plans to offer guided walks, bike rides, e-bike loans, cycling equipment rentals, and more. The Otley hub, developed in collaboration with Otley 2030 and Cycling UK, will focus on the “Cycling for Health” program, including adapted bikes, training courses, and maintenance workshops. These initiatives aim to empower residents of all abilities to embrace active travel.

Promoting Walking and Cycling
The community hubs will not only cater to cycling enthusiasts but also promote walking as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation. The hubs will stock waterproofs, maps, and provide information on a series of curated walking and cycling routes. By enhancing the experience of walkers and cyclists with proper signage and guides, residents will be encouraged to explore our stunning surroundings. Local walking groups and events will also receive promotion, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among outdoor enthusiasts. The inclusive approach of these initiatives ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of active travel.

Excitement and Collaboration
The news of the funding has sparked enthusiasm among organizers and community members alike. Representatives from Otley Town Council and Otley 2030 expressed excitement about the potential to make a positive impact on the town, encouraging more people to discover the joy of cycling and walking. The collaborative spirit is evident as groups exchange ideas and inspiration to maximize the benefits of these initiatives. With a focus on sustainability, health, and reducing congestion, this investment presents an opportunity to transform Ilkley into an even more vibrant and active community.

Continued Commitment
The West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s dedication to promoting walking and cycling remains unwavering. Having already invested over £500,000 in grassroots initiatives since 2017, the authority plans to invite further bids for community grant funding in early 2023. This continued support emphasizes the importance of active travel and its wide-ranging benefits, from improved health and reduced congestion to environmental sustainability. Ilkley’s residents can anticipate exciting developments on the horizon, with more opportunities to embrace a healthier and greener lifestyle.