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Try out an e-bike

Have you thought about buying an e-bike, but not sure if it’s right for you?

Ilkley Active Travel hub is offering a 4 week e-bike loan, so you can see if they are suitable for you without having to commit to buying one first.

The e-bike loan process

Step 1

Register your interest by filling in our online form. We will then email you back with further information about the scheme and availability of bikes.

Register now

Step 2

Confirm the date you want to start the loan. We will confirm your booking.

Step 3

Come and pick up the bike on the pre-arranged day. We’ll sort the paperwork, including signing our terms and conditions and give you a briefing on the bike and a test ride.

Further information about how the scheme works

We provide further information about how the scheme works below, but if you have further questions, feel free to email [email protected].

We have a small fleet of Volt Infinity bikes, with different frame sizes to suit different heights. These bikes are hybrids, designed for use on roads and surfaced cycle paths. They are not intended for off-road use (e.g. mountain biking).

Along with the bike, we will loan you a lock, panniers, helmet and hi-vis jacket. (Lights are integral to the bike).

The charge is £60 for a four-week loan, consisting of a £20 hand-over charge, plus £10 per week.

Yes. When you pick up your e-bike we have an instructor on hand to take you through everything you’ll need to know about using an e-bike. We will also issue you with a handy checklist reminder of how to look after your bike, how to recharge it and how to check it before each ride.

You will have the e-bike for 4 weeks. If you want to return it before the 4 weeks is up, you will receive a refund for the amount of time you haven’t used it, excluding the admin charge and part-weeks. (e.g. if you bring the bike back after 1 week, you will receive 3 weeks * £10 refund).

Our partner, 93 Cycles is at hand to fix any issues. It is your responsibility to return it to them if you experience any issues.

As a condition of the loan, we ask that you complete a short survey before and after.


The Ilkley Active Travel Hub project is seeking to encourage and support more people to walk, cycle and wheel more often. Active travel has significant personal health benefits. More people travelling actively can help to reduce car use, congestion, air pollution and carbon footprint. The project will offer advice and support for people to take up active travel options. This advice is given in good faith. We are not medical experts and participants take responsibility for their own health, fitness and ability for undertaking activities.

If they are in doubt, they should seek medical guidance. All participants undertake activities at their own risk. They should ensure they are adequately prepared for the activity in terms of suitable clothing, equipment and refreshment.

If participants experience any discomfort or problems during an organised activity, they should immediately inform the organiser. As such, in the event of illness or injury as a result of taking part in an activity, all participants agree that they will not hold Climate Action Ilkley responsible.